Billy Perrigo

Felicity McCabe for TIME


👋🏼 Hey. I'm Billy, a staff writer on TIME magazine's international desk, based in London. I focus on telling stories about how new technologies are interacting with older power structures to change politics and societies around the world.
Recently I've broken news on how Facebook allowed an extremist group to remain on the platform even after being banned; on ties between the company's staff and India's ruling party; and on how Facebook's algorithms to detect hate speech don't work in certain languages.
I write lots about India. In August 2020 I co-authored a TIME cover story about how the pandemic is reshaping the country. I've also written deep-dives on how Hindu nationalists weaponized WhatsApp to spread disinformation during the 2019 elections, and how a campaign blaming India's Muslims for spreading coronavirus gained traction on Twitter.
You can also find me covering global tech policy, trying to explain the ways that governments around the world are passing new laws to control the Internet, and fighting tech companies for influence. And sometimes I also write stories closer to home—mainly about UK politics and the country's post-Brexit transformation.
Before joining TIME as an intern in 2017, I graduated with a first class degree in modern history from the University of Warwick. My dissertation was a study of how emerging media facilitated the rise of Hindu nationalism in postcolonial India. At the same time, I was an investigative reporter and deputy news editor for the Warwick Boar, the best swine-themed student newspaper in the world. I broke several important stories there, alongside quite a few more not-so-important ones, which you can probably find if you look hard enough.