Billy Perrigo

Felicity McCabe for TIME
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I'm Billy, a tech correspondent at TIME magazine. I mostly write about how artificial intelligence and social media platforms are reshaping our world.
I broke the news that OpenAI used outsourced Kenyan workers earning less than $2 per hour to detoxify ChatGPT—work that left many of them traumatized. 
I was shortlisted for the Orwell Prize in 2022 for my article Inside Facebook's African Sweatshop. The details first revealed in that story are the basis of an ongoing lawsuit against Meta in Kenya, and preceded a successful vote to unionize by many of the affected workers.

I've interviewed and profiled the world's most influential AI CEOs, including OpenAI's Sam Altman and Google DeepMind's Demis Hassabis. I've authored TIME cover stories about OpenAI, Facebook, and Twitter. And I love profiling smaller companies and nonprofits that are trying to improve the tech ecosystem like Karya, Signal, Block Party, and DAIR.
My previous role at TIME was on the international team. As well as reporting tech-focused stories, I covered news from around the globe including the COVID-19 pandemic, the fallout from Brexit in the U.K., and the transformation of India under Narendra Modi. 
Before I joined TIME in 2017, I graduated with a first-class degree in modern history from the University of Warwick. My dissertation was a study of how emerging communications technologies facilitated the rise of Hindu nationalism in postcolonial India. At the time, I was an investigative reporter and deputy news editor for my student newspaper, the Warwick Boar.
I'm open to TV, radio, podcast, and IRL public speaking invitations. Here's how to contact me.