Do you have access to important information you think the world should know about?
If so, please get in touch with me.
I'm happy to speak off the record or on background - and I can explain those terms in more detail if necessary.

My email is billy.perrigo (at)
Anybody can send me a direct message on Twitter, @billyperrigo

If you want to contact me with a sensitive tipoff, you can reach me more securely in several ways.
The easiest and most secure is through Signal, a free, open source, end-to-end encrypted messaging app, which has a strong track record of not sharing data with governments or companies. If you email me or send me a direct message on Twitter with your phone number, I'll message you on there.
I also have an encrypted email address: billy.perrigo (at) If you email me from a protonmail account, our communications will be end-to-end encrypted. It's easy, quick and free to set up an account here. This is the best way to share documents.
WhatsApp, which is also end-to-end encrypted, works too – however it's owned by Facebook, which you should bear in mind if you're messaging me about them. Facebook may be able to see your contacts and the metadata of your interactions (who you're messaging and at what time) although the content of those messages remains private.