Journalists are nothing without their sources. If you're thinking about sharing information that the public needs to know, first I'd like to say thank you.
As for practicalities: The best way to reach me is through Signal, a free end-to-end encrypted messaging app, which has a strong track record of privacy. My Signal username is billyperrigo.01. You can also contact me via email. My email is billy.perrigo (at)
If you're contacting me about something sensitive, please make sure you are using an account and device not connected to your employer
I am happy to take introductory calls completely off the record. (Speaking 'off the record' means nothing you tell me will make it into my stories or to anybody else without your permission.) During that conversation, we can discuss how to move forward. One example of how to do that might be for us to agree on terms for how I can cite the information you want to share, without revealing your identity. I'm generally happy to agree to cite sources anonymously if the information they share could impact their safety or employment status. I have lots of experience with doing so. I'm always happy to explain in more detail what terms like "off the record," "on the record," and "on background" mean... I know it can be confusing and that's OK!
Protecting my sources is my top priority, and I take cybersecurity seriously.